DJ services

For many years, we have been playing at a wide range of clubs, parties, weddings, business presentations and other events. Our repertoire contains a variety of music styles. Music is carefully selected and checked at the dance floor. Based on the clients' request, we always combine the music style with playlists.

At the parties we can use not only CD players, but also gramophones by using vinyl discs. At the events, we use only the top-class PIONEER players, panels, TECHNICS record players and high quality records, which are recognised all over the world.
To make the event truly unique and memorable, we play the music suitable for many guests, as well as pay attention to all guest wishes and desires. Modern technologies allow us to find and play any song preferred by a customer within a few minutes. The impression of the playing song is enhanced by the professional lighting effect used at the dance floor.

For guests seeking more excitement and exclusivity, we offer an innovative VJ. During the party, you will not only hear the mixed songs, but also see their videos displayed on the big screens. In cooperation with our partners, we can offer you the LED screens ranging up to 6 meters width and 4 meters height.


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